Thursday, 7 January 2010

I made these masks for the project im currently doing/finishing. The project was called 'balance/support/enclose/disperse'. I decided to do mine about child manipulation through religion, i got a lot of inspiration for this from the documentary 'jesus camp' so quite a lot of this is based on that film, some is to do with other stuff. The first mask is enclose, basically someone having a religion or ideal forced onto them like a mask and they can't get out. The second is support, its pretty much an old guy who's the person who's supporting/forcing religion on them and helping them out (or not? you decide). The third is disperse, it's someone turning into a 'god warrior' (which they call themselves a lot in jesus camp) and they're basically dispersing of their true identity and opinion through their mouth. The last is easily the worst mask i think, it's balance, basically the balance between good and evil in the process of making kids dedicate themselves to religion, the face on the right is a happy smiling child and the right is some kind of monster they've turned into from being forced this militant religion on them... i've taken some photos of them on kids i'll post in a bit.

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