Tuesday, 12 May 2009

tape worm zine issue 3

This came out a month or two ago but i forgot to put anything on here about it. Tape worm zine is awesome, and that's that. This issue (the third one) is basically pages of different artist's stuff, there's a page or two of stuff i've done, stuff by the roadkill guys (craig and dan), FRENCH, and some of alex's buddies, i'd say who but i dont have the zine with me right now and am too lazy to go get it. Alex is an awesome guy and for a kid of fifteen he sure can fucking draw! I wish I was into zines and valhalla pacifists when i was fifteen, haha. Anyway, thanks a lot to alex for asking me again to do stuff for his zine, i am honoured, and you should buy his stuff or just talk to him - www.myspace.com/tapewormzineproductions.

safety records

I drew this for safety records, i dont know much about this record label apart from they released that santa karla EP and apparently they're gonna do something with rip it up, but it looks like they have done some cool stuff, sweet. I'm pretty pleased with it. It's on the myspace now and they might be doing tshirts of them if luke (safety records man) can afford it any time, ha. He's giving me a few cds and patches in return for it, fuck yeah, best thing ever, getting free music for drawing stuff.

Monday, 11 May 2009

oh happy days

the rip it up/diehards/black&blue/face of death/living nightmare show was so good. we lost a load of money but it was so much fun. we slept at the rafa with the rip it up and diehards guys, michael got naked, it was so much fun, i want to tour so bad now. i havent been on here for ages, but i never go on here much anyway so does it really make any difference? i've just finished drawing a design for safety records that im quite pleased with, needs a few adjustments but i hope luke likes it. also gonna do a cover for a zine called 'quality control' soon, gonna be fucking sweet. im doing a mix tape trade with this girl called lou from australia off the wemakezines forum, gonna trade zines too. i love this kind of thing, community yknow? amazing. anyway check out fist in the air records, dead end records, the new tape worm zine and everything else i like but cant think of. more coming on here soon, keep it real.