Tuesday, 12 May 2009

tape worm zine issue 3

This came out a month or two ago but i forgot to put anything on here about it. Tape worm zine is awesome, and that's that. This issue (the third one) is basically pages of different artist's stuff, there's a page or two of stuff i've done, stuff by the roadkill guys (craig and dan), FRENCH, and some of alex's buddies, i'd say who but i dont have the zine with me right now and am too lazy to go get it. Alex is an awesome guy and for a kid of fifteen he sure can fucking draw! I wish I was into zines and valhalla pacifists when i was fifteen, haha. Anyway, thanks a lot to alex for asking me again to do stuff for his zine, i am honoured, and you should buy his stuff or just talk to him - www.myspace.com/tapewormzineproductions.

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