Monday, 11 May 2009

oh happy days

the rip it up/diehards/black&blue/face of death/living nightmare show was so good. we lost a load of money but it was so much fun. we slept at the rafa with the rip it up and diehards guys, michael got naked, it was so much fun, i want to tour so bad now. i havent been on here for ages, but i never go on here much anyway so does it really make any difference? i've just finished drawing a design for safety records that im quite pleased with, needs a few adjustments but i hope luke likes it. also gonna do a cover for a zine called 'quality control' soon, gonna be fucking sweet. im doing a mix tape trade with this girl called lou from australia off the wemakezines forum, gonna trade zines too. i love this kind of thing, community yknow? amazing. anyway check out fist in the air records, dead end records, the new tape worm zine and everything else i like but cant think of. more coming on here soon, keep it real.

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